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     Constitution and By-Laws



That we may observe order and decorum in our worshipping assemblies, we do order the following Constitution:


Section 1. This Association shall be known and distinguished as The Eastern Union Missionary Baptist Association of Ohio, Inc., and its Auxiliaries;

Section 2
. The principal office of the Association shall be located at a designated place approved by the Executive Board.

The Moderator
or his designee shall be the registered agent of the Association.


Section 1. The object of this Association shall be to interchange
religious sentiment, give advice to churches, promote one another to
love and good works, and to do general service for the cause of Christ
in such a manner so as not to interfere with the independence of the churches.

Section 2
. The purpose of the Bylaws is to perfect the organization of
 the Association; to provide for the government, management and control of the affairs of the Association; to regulate the conduct of the members and define their obligations; to provide penalties including, but not limited to removal from office and censure as a member for breach of the rules and regulations; and to change, alter, or amend such provisions of the Charter as are purely administrative in their nature pursuant to the authority of the Ohio Nonprofit Statues.

Section 3
All officers, directors, members, and all other persons subject to its jurisdiction, including members of each auxiliary are bound by the provisions of these Bylaws. However, the provisions herein shall not affect contracts or other dealings with third persons unless such persons have actual knowledge of the Bylaws.

Section 4
. The Moderator or his designee solely handles the corporate powers conferred by law upon the Association and which are not expressly delegated herein or by any provision in the Charter of the Association.

Section 5.
It is and shall be the declared policy of the Association that no congregation,
auxiliary or any other entity or person(s) shall use the (tax –exempt status)  without the express written authorization of the Moderator or his designee.


Section 1. The membership shall be composed of members from any Baptist church that is registered with this Association; and has been recognized by a duly called Counsel of Baptist Clergy; and Members-at- large.

Section 2
. Members must agree with the Association in doctrine and practices set forth in the Holy Bible as Baptist.

Section 3
. Any Baptist church approving the design and objective of the Association holding the principles of doctrines and the ordinance of Christ as generally held and practiced by churches of this body, may upon application, be admitted to membership, provided a duly called Counsel of Baptist Clergy has recognized the church.

Section 4
. The annual assessment shall be determined by the Executive Board, payable in advance on or before the Annual Session of each year. The Treasurer shall notify any church 12 months in the arrears; and if the assessments are not paid within the year of notification thereafter shall be automatically be placed as inactive in the Association.

Section 5
. Each member church as such, shall be entitled to three (3) delegates and one additional delegate for every 50 members over one hundred.

Section 6
. Any member church desiring to resign from membership in the Association shall submit their request in writing, to be presented to the executive board for action.


                                                                      Elected Officers

Section 1
. The officers of the Association shall be a Moderator, a First Vice Moderator,
a Second Vice Moderator, a Third Vice Moderator, a Clerk, an Assistant Clerk, General Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Assistant Corresponding Secretary, Statistical Clerk, Assistant Statistical Clerk, Financial Secretary, Assistant Financial Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian.

                                     Elected Officers Duties

Section 2
. The duties of the Moderator shall be to preside over all meetings of the Association;
to protect the Association from obviously frivolous or dilatory motions, to enforce the rules relating to debate and those relating to order and decorum. He is the official representative of this body during the sessions of the Ohio Baptist General Convention, Inc., Ohio Baptist State Convention, United Missionary Baptist State Convention, National Baptist Convention, USA Inc., National Missionary Baptist Convention of America, National Baptist Convention of America, Progressive National Baptist Convention, Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship and Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention, USA.  The Moderator is ex-officio member of all auxiliaries.

Section 2a
. The duties of the First Vice Moderator is to handle all programming. He will plan the yearly calendar of the Association and all Auxiliary events. He is to help guard against simultaneous events on the same day and time for all Auxiliaries, First District and Chillicothe District. He must approve all programs prior to each event taking place. Plans the programs for the Adjourned Session, Mid-Year Session and the Annual Session with the assistance of the Moderator.

Section 2b
. The duties of the Second Vice Moderator is to be the Advisor of the Budget Finance Committee.

  • Responsible for receiving and approving a budget for each auxiliary in the Association.

  • Responsible for preparing and reporting a treasurer’s report to the Parent Body upon the request of the Moderator.

  • Responsible for overseeing each Auxiliaries financial transactions to assure accountability in accordance with the Associations Financial policy.

  • Review and sign all contractual agreements on behalf of the Parent Body and Auxiliaries.

  •  Submit audited and written reports to the Association during the Adjourned Session,
    Mid-Year Session and the Annual Session.

    Section 2c. The duties of the Third Vice Moderator is to be responsible for compiling all the statistics and give an accurate accounting of the membership and other related data received from member churches. Oversees the work of the Field Missionaries as it relates to the member churches, who are delinquent and/or inactive with the Association. Assist member churches when they are experiencing difficulties. He will provide a welcome packet for all new churches and new pastors explaining the position of the Association.

Section 2d
.The duties of the Clerk is to keep a fair and accurate record of the proceedings of the Association as well as keep the books and papers open for the inspection of any church belonging to this Association, and to deliver all records, books, and papers to his/her successor. Must audit everything for printing, minutes, etc.

Section 2e
. The duties of the General Secretary is to compile the official record of the Adjourned Session, Mid-Year Session and Annual Session of the Association; and shall perform such other duties as directed by the Moderator.  They will audit everything for printing in the Minute Book and maintain a historical record of the activities of the Association.

Section 2f
. The Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for sending out correspondence of the Association of a general nature.

Section 2g
. The Statistical Secretary shall develop and oversee the performance of such measures as needed to determine and verify the numerical membership of the Association; Through the use of statistically valid methods, and shall present a report on the data and significance during the Annual Session as directed by the Moderator.

Section 2h
. The Financial Secretary shall receive the monies from all churches and auxiliaries, write a receipt, keep an accurate record and submit a written report to the Treasurer as well as make a report at the Executive Board meetings and an itemized report at the Annual Session. Works directly under the supervision of the Second Vice Moderator.

Section 2i
. The Treasurer shall receive and deposit all monies and be accountable for such other valuables as may be entrusted to him/her by the Association. He/she shall pay out of the treasury only such funds as drawn by an order of the Association and validated by the signature of the Financial Secretary, Second Vice Moderator and/or the Moderator. The Financial Secretary and Treasurer positions are bonded.

Section 3
.The assistant shall perform the duties of the regular officer(s) in his/her absence.

Section 4
. No member shall hold more than one office at any one time.

Section 5
. No officer shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive three (3) year terms in the same office.  However, the Association can vote during the Midyear Session, to extend the term of an officer(s) beyond the two consecutive terms to another term if it so chooses.

Section 6. Automatic succession of officers from one position to another is not guaranteed.

Section 7.
The Moderator shall appoint the Parliamentarian with the approval of the executive board. The Parliamentarian shall not be entitled to make motions, vote, or debate.

Section 8
Any Vacancy in the office of the Moderator, created by death, resignation or incapacitation shall be determined by the Executive Board. 

Section 8a
The Executive Board shall fill any Vacancy in office other than the Moderator.

Section 8b.
Auxiliary Officers shall be reflective of the parent body officers.

                                          Appointed Officers

Section 9.
The Appointed Officers of the Association are:  Historian, Magazine Editor and Musical Director and Director General.

                                    Appointed Officers Duties

Section 9a.
The Historian shall, under the direction of the Moderator, collect, chronicle information, records, and other data related to the life and work of the Association, its auxiliaries and ancillary entities, and ministries. The Historian shall present an annual report to the Association regarding this work during the Annual Session.

Section 9b
. The Magazine Editor shall provide editorial and managerial leadership for the Association publication. The purpose is to inform the Association constituency and the general public about the shape and scope of Association activities, involvements, and programs while providing perspectives on pertinent issues facing people of faith. The editor shall serve under the direction of the Moderator and shall present an annual report during the Annual Session.

Section 9c
. The Musical Director shall ensure that musical support is provided for all sessions of the Association including the Adjourn, Annual and Mid-Year Session. He/she shall work with churches to create an Annual Musical in conjunction with the Annual Session.

Section 9d. The Director General shall be responsible for the logistical planning of the Parent Body and Auxiliary Events.  Provide a list of churches and their availability to host sessions and auxiliary meetings.  Will act as a liaison for the Association to member churches during sessions and make all assignments for parking, offices, registration areas, classrooms and general meeting areas.


Section 1
The Nominating Committee shall be appointed at the Adjourn Session in October.

Section 2
The Parent Body and all Auxiliaries shall submit a slate of officers to the Nominating Committee by March 31st.  This Committee shall make a report at the Midyear Session on the first Thursday in May, additional nominations from the floor may be permitted.

Section 3.  The Body shall vote on the slate of officers presented by the Nominating Committee and where there is more than one nominee, a ballot shall be utilized.

Section 4
The term of office shall begin at the close of the Annual Session.

Section 5
Officers may be removed from office at the pleasure of the Moderator and/or membership as provided in the parliamentary authority.

                                              ARTICLE V — MEETINGS

Section 1. The parent body of the Association shall meet monthly and any other time as designated by the Moderator.

Section 2
. The Association may also have electronic meetings at the discretion of the Moderator and with proper notice. (Conference calls, telephone, skype, etc.)

Section 3
. The Executive Board of the Association, consisting of the parent body, and all Auxiliary Presidents, meets at the discretion of the Moderator.

Section 4
. Special Meeting may be called by the Moderator for a specific purpose with proper notice.

Section 5
. The Annual Session shall meet each year for one week beginning the third Lord’s Day in August.

Section 6
. The Adjourned Session shall meet on a Thursday in October or following the Ohio Baptist General Convention Adjourn Session.

Section 7. The Mid-Year Session shall meet on the first Thursday in May.

Section 8
. A quorum shall be a majority of the officers and/or churches registered with the Association.


Section 1. The elected Parent Body officers, Former Moderators and Auxiliary Presidents of the Association shall constitute the Executive Board. The parliamentarian shall attend the executive meetings in an advisory capacity.

Section 2
The Executive Board shall include three (3) Members-at-Large.

Section 3
. The Executive Board, with the Moderator shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Association between its business meetings, fix the hour and the date of meetings, and perform such other duties as are specified in the by-laws.

                                ARTICLE VII —  AUXILIARIES/COMMITTEES

The Auxiliaries/Committees of The Eastern Union Missionary Baptist Association, Inc. shall be:


1. Congress of Christian Education; 2. Deaconess Auxiliary; 3.Eastern Union Bible College; 4. Eastern Union Missionary Baptist Association
Development Corporation;
5. Laymen’s Auxiliary; 6. Ministers, Deacons and Trustees Institute; 7. Nurses Auxiliary; 8. Young Adult Auxiliary; 9. Youth Auxiliary; 10. Women’s Auxiliary; 10a. Chillicothe District, 10b. First District; and 11. The Ushers Ministry.

  1.       The Congress of Christian Education is responsible for ensuring that the Association is providing Christian Training to all constituent churches via healthy church forums, workshops and Classes during the Annual Session.  The President provides the First District and the Chillicothe District with mission education training at its quarterly meetings and others as directed by the Moderator. He also makes a report at the executive board meetings and an annual address at the Annual Session.

  2. The Deaconess Auxiliary is responsible for training Deaconess to assist the local Pastor in Pastoral Care Ministry.  They meet quarterly at various churches for training and workshops.

  3. Eastern Union Bible College is an extension of the Association under the direction of a Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees is responsible for making an Annual Report to the Association at the Annual Session Business Meeting.  The Moderator serves on the Board of Trustees and shall recommend four (4) additional Trustee Board Members.

  4. Eastern Union Baptist Association Development Corporation is a separate 501(C)(3) that operates under the direction of a Board of Trustees.  This corporation is to seek ways of expanding the work of the Association through housing development, grants for human services, education and etc.  The Board of Trustees shall make an annual report to the Association at the Annual Session Business Meeting.

  5. The Laymen’s Auxiliary meet quarterly. They provide the devotions/praise and worship during the meeting(s) of the Association. The President makes a report at each executive board meeting and an annual address at the Annual Session.

  6. Ministers, Deacons, and Trustees Institute trains ministers, deacons and trustees from various churches throughout the year. The Institute also ordains preachers and deacons at the request of member churches.  The President makes a report at each executive board meeting and an annual address at the Annual Session.

  7. The Nurses Auxiliary provides up-to-date forums on the various diseases and health issues that affect us as a people.  The Nurses Auxiliary will develop partnerships with other health service agencies.  The Nurses Auxiliary will train church nurses in Parish Nursing.  The President makes a report at each executive board meeting and Annual Session.

  8. The Youth Auxiliary will be comprised of all youth of the Association.  They work under the direction of a Director’s Council.  The President and their staff shall be responsible for planning rallies, retreats, and activities.  The president shall make a report at each executive board meeting and at the Annual Session.

  9. The Women's Auxiliary is responsible for training women for mission work through workshops and forums. The President oversees the activities of the First District and Chillicothe District women. She also makes a report at each executive board meeting and gives an annual address at the Annual Session.

    1. First District Women meet quarterly at various member churches. They have workshops, clothing and food drives, etc.  The President shall make a report to the Women’s Auxiliary President to be presented at each executive board meeting.

    2. The Chillicothe District meet quarterly at various member churches in the sub-district.  They have workshops, clothing and food drives, etc.  The President shall make a report to the Women’s Auxiliary President to be presented at each executive board meeting.

  10. The Usher Auxiliary provides ushers for all programs and works with ushers from the various member churches to provide training. The President shall make a report at each executive board meeting.


1. The Auditing;   2. Budget;
        3. Necrology Director;  
4. Nominating;     5. Public Relations;  6. Time and Place;  
7. Scholarship

  1.      The Auditing Committee consisting of a chairman and two (2) members shall be appointed by the Moderator at the Annual Session. The committee shall audit the treasurer’s accounts and report at the Midyear Session.

  2.       The Budget Committee shall review each auxiliaries annual budget submitted for approval in accordance to the timeline in the EUMBA Financial Policy & Procedures.

  3.      The Necrology Committee shall obtain a record of deceased members of the constituent churches and make a report at the Annual Session as directed by the Moderator.

  4.       The Nominating Committee shall vet all nominees and verify that they are a member of an active church and have the approval of their Pastor to serve. The Nominating Committee shall make a report to the body during at the Midyear Session and/or Annual Session.

  5.      The Public Relations Committee shall attempt to make the churches and community aware of the work(s) of the Association through the print media, radio and television. 

  6.       The Time and Place Committee shall work under the direction of the First Vice Moderator in recommending churches to host the Annual, Adjourn, and Mid-Year Sessions. This committee shall check the meeting space, parking area, and all pertinent information necessary for the sessions.

  7.       The Scholarship Committee shall review all applicants and present the awardee to the body during the Annual Session. This committee is responsible for providing a plan for funding of the scholarship through endowments and donations. 

  8.      Such other committees shall be appointed by the Moderator from time to time when he deems it necessary to enhance and carry on the work of the Association.


 Upon the dissolution of this corporation/association, Association assets 
 shall be distributed equally to all active churches of the Association

 within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or
 corresponding section of any future Federal Tax Code


When the Body has been informed of corruption in doctrine or practice, by a member church, a committee composed by the four Moderators or their appointee, and thereafter dealt with according to St. Matthew 18 with the EUMBA Conflict Resolution Policy should investigate church.


The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Association in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws, the Holy Bible, and any special rules of order the Association may adopt.

                                 ARTICLE VIII — AMEDEMENT

These bylaws may be amended at any regular business meeting of the Association by two-thirds (2/3) of those present and voting.

Revised 10/25/2012

Constitution Revision Committee:
Dr. Charles W. Noble
Rev. Quentin L. Respress
Sis. Loretta Curtis