Eastern Union Missionary Baptist Association



EUMBA Sessions:

Annual Session
October 17 -20, 2021

Mid-Year Session - 2021

Adjourn Session - 2021

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         Laymen's Auxiliary


Deacon Benjamin E. McDay
Shiloh Baptist
 Church - Columbus

1st Vice President

Deacon Morris Berkley
Christ Memorial Baptist Church

2nd Vice President

Deacon Nathanial Ofoe
Shiloh Baptist
 Church - Columbus

3rd Vice President

Deacon Robert E. Cole Refuge Baptist

Financial Secretary

Bro. Terry Strong
Tabernacle Baptist Church


Bro. Mark Williams
Mt. Nebo Baptist Church

Members at Large


Assistant Chaplin

Bro. J.J. Johnson
Pilgrim Baptist Church



Bro. William Richardson
Shiloh Baptist Church





Laymen's Auxiliary Mission Statement

The Laymen Auxiliary ("the Auxiliary") of the Eastern Union Missionary Baptist Association ("E.U.M.B.A.") is a fellowship of Christian men coming together for the purpose of prayer, testimony, and uplifting one another in brotherly love by and through the Holy Spirit. The Auxiliary consists of all men who are not pasturing a church, including ministers, deacons, trustees and laypersons of the local churches which are members of  E.U.M.B.A. .